Help us put the wild back inWild Dog Valley...


Hidden in South Gippsland is a very special little place.  Amongst voluptuous verdant hills that stand like the sides of a great green elephant, a small stream flows, water sparkling in the light of sun and moon.   Welcome to Wild Dog Valley.

In the 19th century the steep hills of Wild Dog Valley were cleared to create pasture for cattle farming.  But prior to that, the area was covered with wet and damp rainforest, towering mountain ash, ferns, and wild animals galore.  

Just 8 years ago this 65-acre block was purchased and set aside to heal and rejuvenate.  Slowly the trees and animals return.  

We plan to re-wild Wild Dog Valley.

Our dream is to create a living example of enlightened custodianship where human beings and nature co-exist in harmony.  Where the humans frolic and have fun, and the plants and animals thrive in peace.  

We are inspired by the philosophies of re-wilding, conservation, permaculture, eco-psychology, indigenous wisdom, grass-roots community activism and more.  We're always open to new ideas, we're not dogmatic, and we love this place!